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Personalised Reviews

Revisit the Words You Find Trickiest

Whether you're a seasoned wordsmith or a new English speaker, you've been there. The perfect word exists for exactly what you want to express, and you looked it up just last week! What was it again?

We learn fastest with frequent exposure to new words. Use Word Vault as your regular dictionary app, and it will remind you to come back and review the words you've looked up. Reviews are quick, fun, and let you get words out of your phone and into your brain.





Offline Features

Works Everywhere

Offline Access, Online Enhancements

Word Vault's embedded dictionary provides you with access to over 150,000 English words at any time.

Need to look up something more obscure? Word Vault will download additional definitions if one  isn't available locally and if you have an Internet connection.




Record Where You Encounter Words

Reading a book or playing a word game? You can let Word Vault know where you learn each word. You can record titles as well as authors if you choose. 

Quickly assign the most recent source that you used with a single tap. 





Elaborate Freely on Any Word

Sometimes it's useful to write down something about a word that isn't in the definition, for future reference. You can even write your own definitions and see them in reviews!





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