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    This new version has succeeded at perfection... not only superior as a tool, but absolutely beautiful to look at... the update is an all-together different, beautiful, and perfect app!!!
    App Store Review by Dex Moser
  • Wow!
    I rarely write reviews, but this app is truly phenomenal! So well thought out and very intuitive. I'm surprised it hasn't won an editor's choice award!
    App Store Review by Crembo999
  • Word Vault
    Great! Instant concise source of meanings and synonyms plus review as often and lengthy as desired with hints available. Love it. I've mastered nearly 200 words. The current update is much more flexible.
    App Store Review by Lost a lot Lynne
  • Just what I was looking for
    I was looking to expand my vocabulary, and this app is great. Really well designed.
    App Store Review by Gopre2
  • Great app!
    Using it daily, loving the updates! Keep up the good work!
    App Store Review by Ink10011
  • Great app and customer service
    Word Vault is a wonderful app. Well designed, easy and fun to use and actually very helpful learning new words. Customer support is also great... I heartily recommend this app.
    App Store Review by Polderoid
  • Beautiful design and truly useful
    The above says it all really.
    App Store Review by DamenSS
  • Awesome
    I'll just say 2 things - Its the best way to learn(actually learn) new words ... Its the only dictionary app where i can put my own notes to word meanings on the same page
    App Store Review by neurodome
  • Brilliant
    First, it's lovely. Second, it's lovely ... quite clever and further cements the word in your mind. Love this.
    App Store Review by Restiffbard
  • Excellent vocabulary building tool
    ... If you just want to look up word definitions, WV works well and keeps your words to help you retain their meaning through quick daily reviews. The new version looks great!! Recommended!!
    App Store Review by T Lin
  • Great Update
    Very good and a fun app considering the category it is in. I had a problem that was on me and the developer got right back to me.
    App Store Review by paulpmcmahon
  • Great great app
    I think I finally found a app which implements the flash card idea for learning vocabularies right ... perfect dictionary, easy and fast way of entering words combined with great review functionality. The ability to add notes to words is great ... 100% recommended!
    App Store Review by AmirMasoudAbdol
  • Excellent app just got way more powerful
    Brilliant! ... the best English vocab builder out there. Love it!!
    App Store Review by Matt_Blake
  • Thank you!
    I really like this app. I use it everyday!
    App Store Review by 1Thanh
  • Helped me a lot
    Solved all my problems in forgetting :D
    App Store Review by Kema Abdul
  • Just what i needed
    i'm always learning new words so i love the quizzes. The definitions are on point as well. Just an overall great app.
    App Store Review by GLucciano

Local and Remote Lookup
A built-in dictionary provides near-instantaneous lookup for over 150,000 words. If you’re looking up something more esoteric, Word Vault automatically queries additional sources over the Internet to get you the information you need.
Spoken Pronunciations
If you’re not sure how to pronounce something, Word Vault has you covered. Audio clips of words are just a tap away.
Browse every word you've ever looked up in a beautiful list with inline definitions and images.

Vocabulary Builder
Here’s the bit that’s really special: Word Vault schedules periodic reviews to help you to learn the words you look up so that you can use them in your own writing and speech.
Word Vault uses spaced repetition to make sure that you’re getting the right amount of practice with words that you find tricky.Translations
If English isn't your first language, Word Vault has a neat trick to help you out: Just key in words and get automatic translations in your language of choice.
Translations can be activated with a one-time in-app purchase.

Photographs and Illustrations
Automatically get images related to the words you look up. It’s great to be told that an aurora is an atmospheric phenomenon consisting of bands of light caused by charged solar particles following the earth's magnetic lines of force.
It’s better to be shown that one looks like this:

Not quite sure how to spell a word that you’ve heard, or just don’t want to type the whole thing out? Get autocomplete suggestions based on what you’ve typed in so far. If you make a spelling error or typo, similar valid words will be suggested.
Mark the words you love as favorites, and they will be prioritised in reviews. If you’d like to share a definition with a friend, Word Vault makes that effortless as well.

To remember where you learned a word, use the Sources feature to record it! You can view lists of words that you’ve learned from a particular book, blog or person at any time.
You can write a text note for any definition, and it’ll always be there for you in the future. Capture meanings specific to cultures or professions that aren't in standard dictionaries.

If you don’t have quite the right word for the paean you’re writing to your favourite dictionary app in the App Store, don’t worry. Synonyms are automatically displayed below definitions so that you can find other alternative words with the nuance you want.
Word Vault is the result of months of brutally amputating everything that doesn’t directly contribute to a delightful experience. The result is a beautiful, clean and efficient dictionary app.

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Translation Features are powered by Bing Translate and require an Internet connection to function. Available Languages for Translation include Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (CHS), Chinese (CHT), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Haitian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Klingon, Klingon (Qaak), Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Welsh.Header image by Jacqueline Choo / Invertigo Studios. Product lifestyle shots by Dan Counsell of Realmac Software.